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Product Trials and Tribulations

The Search for Smooth Curls

The following are products that I have decided to track as I experiment and place on shelves or rotate as I go through and try them out. The ratings system is just my personal opinion, and what happened to my curls.

My curls are mixed, with straight bits, and very curly underneath. I color my hair as I refuse to let the grays get me down. I have what I would call medium-thick hair with some porosity starting. It’s a fight to just get the body back in shape at this age.

Ratings are Keeper, Would Rotate In, Sensitivity, and just don’t bother

The Following Were the February to June 2013 Experiments

After the year of the Shea butter experiments and growing out some damage from the evil color stripping experiment, it’s time to weigh in on some changes. I spent about six months working with L’Anza products again, because well let’s face it, when a product is good and it just feels good on your hair, you want to use it. However, I don’t know if it was my year of living with health matters, two operations, anethstesia, being taken off the birth control pill, oh, and menopause threatening, made a lot of changes in my hair production. I did find I had to switch off the L’Anza because of the scent, it was a bit strong in the shower.

So, I thought I would give Ouidad products a try, since they claim to be for curls. I also did some experimentation with L’Oreal’s Evercurl,Curls line, so here are the reviews:

L’Oreal added to their current lineup and new curls inspired product. With promises of making you have power curls, the line has shampoo, co-wash shampoo (funny, love it when the companies try to cash in on what the consumers can do for themselves, just mix some shampoo and conditioner, is it really that hard?). There are conditioners and special creme gel. Here is what I found:


You know you are in trouble when the product smell hits you and you haven’t even opened the container. Apparently L’Oreal thinks that the Everstrong line means all of the products they make must stink to work. Very strong smell. The shampoo actually isn’t too bad for being a drugstore concoction, but it really didn’t make me feel goo about it.


Hmmm, I guess it was mean to be part of the melt -in-your-hair-trend type conditioning trend that is ohh la la. Sorry, doesn’t really work with the curls. I find with curls and their tendency to knot or break, you want something kinda balmy like or with some slip. Oh, and the evil smell does continue on in this one as well


I hoped that this gel would be moisturize, but what really bugged me was I felt like I had too much weight on my hair to curl. The product also seemed to dull my hair. Not impressed.

just don’t bother

With all of the disappointment, I decided not to even try any of the other products.


After being bombarded with many advertisements in everything I looked at, I thought I would try this line. I had given up on curly hair lines after the experience listed above, and decided, well, maybe I will give them a chance. I have to say that most of the product line is not overpowering in smell, and well,  I needed to not be on the L’Anza for a while since it seemed that my well water was making the deposit on my hair fun again. Please note that I do use much sarcasm in my writing, I just can’t help it.90300

So, I tried the least  offensive smelling in the Ouidad line first, and not the products that said building body for curls type labeling. The Curl Quencher line was the least abrasive to my nostrils, and I found that the shampoo was somewhat adequate. I made it through using up the shampoo and the conditioner. I was somewhat happy with the results. However, where it really whammed me was the Tress Effects styling gel. They use clove oil for the scent, and while I like the clove smell, my system found it overpowering and well, it is a very strong oil on my scalp. Yikes. I have been using up the gel and trying to acclimate to it for a few months while I finish up the bottle. But I don’t think I will use it again. Too bad, as the gel itself does perform fairly well.

I then thought I should try the anti-frizz product line. I must admit I was concerned as the current anti-frizz movement seems to  be centered on smoothing the hair in prep for ironing it out. I like my curls, I want them to be curly, not poofy fluff balls of hair. So I tried the product line that includes the Climate Control conditioner. Let’s face it, when you live near the ocean like I do, hair just goes foof. I found that the shampoo in this line really is a good moisture, low poo kind of cleanser. I don’t feel like it strips the hair. The conditioner though is a bit too thick. I mean I like the feeling that I am putting a balm on my hair or that each shaft is getting coated well. Often I like to let it sit and expand on the hair a bit before rinsing, but I feel like sometimes this one isn’t really penetrating.

I came to the conclusion with this line that I may have to take a seasonal or trade off approach. I seemed to do better with the Curl Quencher conditioner and the Climate Control defrizzing shampoo. I am still using up the Tress Effects gel and bought a travel size version of the Climate Control Heat and  Humidity gel to see if it worked for me. My experiments with the creme gel from this line left a bit to be desired, I felt it kind of just sat on my hair and did not define much. So here is the list of product I played with.

Climate Control Shampoo Keeper, Conditioner Would Rotate In, Tress Effects Gel Sensitivity, Curl Quencher Shampoo No Go, Curl Quencher Conditioner Would rotate in



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