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March 21, 2011

This Weekends Testing Great Results

Too Shea!

Tested some of the Jessicurl product line this weekend. I ordered a no fragrance added of the conditioning trio to test which worked for me. The Aloeba daily conditioner was too lite of a conditioner for me. It didn’t really help much with my hair. The dryness needed more help. I next tried the To Shea conditioner and had much better results.

I felt like the slip factor was there and I was able to use my fingers to detangle without snagging. That to me is a plus sign. The fragrance was just product fragrance, not to overwhelming, barely detectable. Just how I like it. I think this is a good one to get in the rotation, and yes, the curls happened! Now, if it would just stop raining for a few days. I definitely want to try some of the creamy shampoo product.

Ratings are Keeper, Would Rotate in

Spiral Solution’s Deeply Decadent Hair Treatment

Spiral Solution’s Deeply Decadent Hair Treatment was what I tried on Friday night. I had ordered an unscented trial size from the Etsy store. It takes a little extra effort to order if you want it unscented, you need to email and contact through the Etsy site as it is made in small batches. I had had a week, and coming down with my evil sickness. I looked at the jar, opened it and played with the consistency of the product. It was like whipped mayonnaise. Hey, I like whipped mayonnaise products when they go on, it feels good. Used a little more than I thought i would and definitely a once a week or so type conditioner. I would even say that using it as a heat treatment would be FABU.

Ratings are Keeper, Would Rotate in

March 18, 2011

This Weekend’s Testing

Well, because I am so crazy and all that, I will be testing the Jessicurl unscented products I just got in the mail. I hope I can find one or two that work. I also got one product from Spiral Solutions hair care. They have one product that can be unscented so I ordered trial size and will see what  happens.

The stress of getting through what is considered online finals for my classes has my skin breaking out, so we will see how these hair products fair with the stress I am putting my body through. Oh, did I mention the getting sick part. After managing to avoid sickness and working with crazy teens all day at the school, I haven’t gotten ill until now. So, just watch this happen:

The curls will come out very perfect, but I will be too sick to go anywhere!!!! My face will be splotchy and irritated, can’t where makeup. But the hair will be FABU. Or I will get all kinds on dermatitis issues and just want to play ostrich.

Oh, and it’s raining. Foof.

March 15, 2011

Survived the Micro

Well, we finally did it. Found a semi-perm color that doesn’t like turn my hair black. Love chemicals in the well water, don’t you????

Got my hair cut and the ends are not looking like lightening forks during a rain storm. I have been working with the ShiKai products for two weeks now, alternating with my regular standing products. So far so good. I am still waiting for my samples to come in to try them. Found out more products I look at have the Acacia products in them. I still don’t know about that. I know I have a heck of a time with root beers, one of my only soft drinks I will have a small amount of on occasion. The Acacia is really hard on my stomach. I know when they are in bloom, like right now, the trees really have pollen issues for me. Itching throat and all. But so far, I haven’t had a really bad reaction on my skin. Maybe there is hope.

I should be  getting my non-fragrance samples from Jessicurl today. Imagine, a company that actually has fragrance free samples. Yeah.

March 11, 2011

Micro Chop Tomorrow

Stressing about it this week, but I really need a micro-chop. I know I will ask that only an inch be taken off, then Amy will wag a com or scissors at me with, no you need more. Then will begin the tug of war about how bad the ends really are.

Yeah, I have been experimenting with the ShiKai products this week. I know that most of the ingredients are really good for dry hair, but I still feel too much fluff happening. Maybe the micro-chop will help a bit, but it seems no matter what I do, I can’t get enough moisture in the hair. I am trying out some new products this week when the travel sizes show up.

I contacted Jessicurl and asked about their sample, travel sizes. I was able to order a non-fragrance selection so here’s crossing fingers. They also take PayPal, so that was good as I really am trying to be good about web buying. We’ll see, here’s crossing fingers. I have also contacted another company on Etsy and hope to try some of their product that is free of added fragrance. Here’s crossing fingers.


March 7, 2011

Das Frizzy??

Color Reflect Intense Conditioner

Yah, is frizzy.

Saturday was huge amounts of rain. I really needed to get the gunk out of my hair from combating the humidity of the previous days. I know, we always cringe when we think, hmmm, gotta get the gunk out, but it will just poof with the rain. So I thought well, I can also try a new product I had picked up in the product wanderings of the morning.

Early am, with coffee cup in hand, I was wandering about in the pharmacy looking at what was maybe new and affordable for hair care. Well, after smelling a few bottles of things that promised to help severe damage to hair, I noticed the triggers of a headache starting. With a sigh I left. I had to go to the Health Food store for food supplies anyway, and they do have a good selection of stuff. They are not as vast as Whole Foods Market, where I must admit the personal care section is enormous, but Harvest Market in Fort Bragg California does have a very good selection of healthy natural personal care items. Now, of course, this doesn’t mean that the products don’t smell. Why, yes, some natural scents can just give me a whopper headache, and I do wish more of them would just use a food grade vanilla oil if they had to, but here goes.

I had been looking at Giovani’s line but so far had not been able to buy a bottle. But next to that on the shelf was ShiKai’s Intensive Repair Treatment. I opened the cap and was not over powered by smell. Could it be that I found something in the natural isle? I looked at the ingredients and noted that the list did not fill up the back of the tube, always a good sign for sensitive curls girls. So I bought it.

I used it as a deep treatment following the directions, then added my regular conditioner of the moment as an after rinse. After playing with duck clips and trying to tame the curls into real curls I let it dry natural. I was pretty impressed and will try it a few more times over the weeks and see what can happen. It did look great for a few hours, but the humidity was insane and it is hard to get second day curl with this humidity.