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March 21, 2011

Check Out This Site

Site Review: Anita Grant

I stumbled upon this site while trolling for sensitive skin products. Whiles I really am looking at the butters for hair, it was still informative going through the site. This is why I said, “Okay, I will try a sample of the Au Natural, just product “.

I read through the ingredients pages, and yes they put mine to shame, but it is a work in progress. It’s an all natural product line and small business, so I had to support it. It’s UK based, they ship to the US and Canada, so I thought, well, I will try this.

What I liked about the website was it was very clean and clear, not too busy. I work in technology and teach, and some web pages can just drive you nuts. This one was easy to read and I felt I could find out about the products pretty easily, and I wanted to read the whole site. There are several flavors in the products, and they are all natural. I felt like the business owner, Anita, had been asking some of the same questions I had about ingredients. What am I putting on my skin and hair? I also liked that the site didn’t preach, or do the ” But it’s natural, it won’t cause sensitivities.” Quite the opposite, the site discusses many natural ingredients and their possible site effects for people with allergies, pregnancy, conditions. Kudos Anita!

I will let you know how the hair butter goes. Hmmm, I love butters.

Still humid and crazy here on the coast. The rain has stopped. My achingĀ  bones. Hate just this side of 50.