Sensitive Curls Girl (and Boys)

This blog is dedicated to all curlies who have sensitive skin and scalp, allergies and health issues that may just make it to darn hard to buy any old shampoo, with any old smell, like the other 90% of the world can. Oh, and did I mention aging, at 45 +? How the hair does change.

You see, like all you curlies out there, we have all suffered the “hair that no one knows how to cut or treat” and sometime our lives and experiences have just left us too traumatized. But there is a crazy belief that we should be able to flaunt our curls, not feel them flatten inside our souls as well. And the age connection.

I have decided I want to get some real red back in my hair. Living here for 10 years on well water, which is really soft and filled with natural deposits, made it impossible to keep my red coloring going. It came out this weird brown color with some bizarre mystery black spots. After months of just wanting to pull it out, I finally asked my hairdresser if we could lighten it up. We did a gentle color strip (they lyed,  pun intended).

That was about a year back, and after I allowed a gleeful hairdresser to do the first chop, I feel it is time to really work on getting this hair looking and feeling just right. So moisturize away, and find what works.


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