Been a Long Time…

Sorry to have left you all hanging there. I have been working a lot, had to make a big decision about closing my business, and generally feeling like I am getting older.

And with that, I have been working on a hair regimen of Jessicurl products, alternating with ProDesign products for my hair for the last 3 months. MY hair colorist has been getting me to a slightly lighter red tone, and I think after two years we may have hit the right color. MY partner still groans about too many hair care experiments, products and such.

One thing that did happen lately was dealing with a health issue, being just this side of 50, the Gall Bladder decided to make life miserable. I spent nearly 2 months dealing with a mystery ailment, and having vampires take blood for testing. I now know that I am really healthy accept for my liver being enlarged due to the Gall Bladder needing removal.

During this experimental phase by the medical community to find out why I was in such pain when I was otherwise healthy, I went to my colorist and said, ” I am so depressed with this, can we do my hair to hide the grays. Surprise, due to the stress levels and the sudden shock of pain, hospital, and pain meds, apparently my hair had a change at the roots. This really shouldn’t surprise me, I was in shock and well, your nails and hair do tell you about your health. BUt it made my hair just go nuts with super brightness so I had serious demarcation. Luckily Amy fixed it a few weeks back and it’s much better now. It really is try that you have the health of your body reflected in the extremities.

Now I need to embark upon the getting of the skin to look healthy! Makeup for older skin! And dressing like a Business Tech teacher, all when I have to have a very expensive operation! Of course, it would not be happening without Obama Care paving the way for a People with Previous Conditions Insurance Plan. For the first time in 10 years, I have some real insurance.


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