Yeah, Out Of The Sickness Gloom

There’s nothing like being sick for 3 weeks and just wanting to wash your hair because it feels so grungy. I mean, bed head is indeed it’s worse when you are sick. You toss and turn and make a really bad rats nest.

My new found testing with the Jessicurl products has done wonders to my hair. I now have a three part rotation that seems to be working better for me and now if I can get the roots touched up again soon, maybe I can have a day out after ding for weeks with this evil sickness.

So, my latest trials were with the Jessicurl Deep Conditioner. I got home last night after a hard week of trying to make it through and being ill. I just said, get in the shower, and condition your hair! I woke up this morning with some serious springing curls. Of course, it was windy.

So, I say this was well worth it, and the pricing is better than some of the things I have gotten from L’Anza. I still have their color series products but use them that first week.


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