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April 25, 2011

This Months Experiments

Amazing, I was able to pick up products by Beautiful Curls at Wholefoods Market in Santa Rosa.  I had seen them advertised at, but, as you know, anything with scent in it can be scary. So I stood with a lovely African American woman and we chatted about curls, dry-ness, and product frustration. She had used the product before and I asked her what she liked.” It makes my hair soft!” but I don’t see the leave in. We discussed packaging, I hinted they may have changed the bottle, smell it. Ah, the marketing cruelties of the world.

I looked at the ingredients. I had read that Alaffia made the product, it was associated with the collective in Africa, and dealt in fair trade. So, socially conscience wise, it’s attractive. Of course, natural fragrances can still get you with the allergies, and dermatitis is not exclusive to man made products. But I read that it was Mango Oil, and thought, well, I love mangos. I am not allergic to them, I eat them. So, I tried it. Not bad, the price was actually a great bargain, at around $11.99 for 10 to 12 oz, when other products sometimes were running higher.

Also, it was good to try some product I would consider designed for kinkier hair than mine currently is. When I was young, I had some really kinky hair, before all the damage. I would also like to encourage those that are Caucasian with curls, don’t fear trying something that a pacific islander or person of African heritage would use. Just lighten it up a bit, and if you tolerate whatever smell is involved and it doesn’t give you an allergic reaction, it doesn’t matter what the marketing says, pay attention to the raves of others and the ingredients.

My overall use, I have tried the Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner and I like the shine. I didn’t have too much frizzing. I am interested in trying the gel as I am trying to get away from the Fructis line of products, but their soft gel gives me the light hold I like. Sigh. I did notice if you buy from the website you can buy the whole line with a bit of a discount. I tried the Curl Activating Conditioner and since it was thicker, thought it might help with the ends. One my side bits dried, the frizzy baby side sections, it was a more defined frizz I guess. I think I did better with the Curl Inhancing products.

Overall, if you are able to buy from a store, it’s good because well, sometimes the mail just doesn’t get it to you in time when you are running out.

April 9, 2011

Yeah, Out Of The Sickness Gloom

There’s nothing like being sick for 3 weeks and just wanting to wash your hair because it feels so grungy. I mean, bed head is indeed it’s worse when you are sick. You toss and turn and make a really bad rats nest.

My new found testing with the Jessicurl products has done wonders to my hair. I now have a three part rotation that seems to be working better for me and now if I can get the roots touched up again soon, maybe I can have a day out after ding for weeks with this evil sickness.

So, my latest trials were with the Jessicurl Deep Conditioner. I got home last night after a hard week of trying to make it through and being ill. I just said, get in the shower, and condition your hair! I woke up this morning with some serious springing curls. Of course, it was windy.

So, I say this was well worth it, and the pricing is better than some of the things I have gotten from L’Anza. I still have their color series products but use them that first week.