Older Hair

So, I got the news that I am heading for Peri-Pause, or really, I am in it. I wondered how much effect this has had on my hair. I certainly can see it in my skin. So, along with treaing your hair better, what else can you do with the aging process?

Vitamins? Can they help? I know that gelatin is supposed to help hair and nails. Yahoo, I love Jello! But what about supplements?

B Vitamins


Vitamin E




Well, I know I have tried some supplements in the past, and had reactions to them. It even triggers my migraine sometimes when I have a multi. I have found recently that I seem to do better taking a multi gummy and every other day, then I don’t get weird reactions. Hate being so sensitive to everything.

What do you think? Have any of you tried a vitamin regimen to help with your hair and skin? Tell me your results.


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