This Weekend’s Testing

Well, because I am so crazy and all that, I will be testing the Jessicurl unscented products I just got in the mail. I hope I can find one or two that work. I also got one product from Spiral Solutions hair care. They have one product that can be unscented so I ordered trial size and will see what  happens.

The stress of getting through what is considered online finals for my classes has my skin breaking out, so we will see how these hair products fair with the stress I am putting my body through. Oh, did I mention the getting sick part. After managing to avoid sickness and working with crazy teens all day at the school, I haven’t gotten ill until now. So, just watch this happen:

The curls will come out very perfect, but I will be too sick to go anywhere!!!! My face will be splotchy and irritated, can’t where makeup. But the hair will be FABU. Or I will get all kinds on dermatitis issues and just want to play ostrich.

Oh, and it’s raining. Foof.


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