Survived the Micro

Well, we finally did it. Found a semi-perm color that doesn’t like turn my hair black. Love chemicals in the well water, don’t you????

Got my hair cut and the ends are not looking like lightening forks during a rain storm. I have been working with the ShiKai products for two weeks now, alternating with my regular standing products. So far so good. I am still waiting for my samples to come in to try them. Found out more products I look at have the Acacia products in them. I still don’t know about that. I know I have a heck of a time with root beers, one of my only soft drinks I will have a small amount of on occasion. The Acacia is really hard on my stomach. I know when they are in bloom, like right now, the trees really have pollen issues for me. Itching throat and all. But so far, I haven’t had a really bad reaction on my skin. Maybe there is hope.

I should be  getting my non-fragrance samples from Jessicurl today. Imagine, a company that actually has fragrance free samples. Yeah.


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