Micro Chop Tomorrow

Stressing about it this week, but I really need a micro-chop. I know I will ask that only an inch be taken off, then Amy will wag a com or scissors at me with, no you need more. Then will begin the tug of war about how bad the ends really are.

Yeah, I have been experimenting with the ShiKai products this week. I know that most of the ingredients are really good for dry hair, but I still feel too much fluff happening. Maybe the micro-chop will help a bit, but it seems no matter what I do, I can’t get enough moisture in the hair. I am trying out some new products this week when the travel sizes show up.

I contacted Jessicurl and asked about their sample, travel sizes. I was able to order a non-fragrance selection so here’s crossing fingers. They also take PayPal, so that was good as I really am trying to be good about web buying. We’ll see, here’s crossing fingers. I have also contacted another company on Etsy and hope to try some of their product that is free of added fragrance. Here’s crossing fingers.



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