Das Frizzy??

Color Reflect Intense Conditioner

Yah, is frizzy.

Saturday was huge amounts of rain. I really needed to get the gunk out of my hair from combating the humidity of the previous days. I know, we always cringe when we think, hmmm, gotta get the gunk out, but it will just poof with the rain. So I thought well, I can also try a new product I had picked up in the product wanderings of the morning.

Early am, with coffee cup in hand, I was wandering about in the pharmacy looking at what was maybe new and affordable for hair care. Well, after smelling a few bottles of things that promised to help severe damage to hair, I noticed the triggers of a headache starting. With a sigh I left. I had to go to the Health Food store for food supplies anyway, and they do have a good selection of stuff. They are not as vast as Whole Foods Market, where I must admit the personal care section is enormous, but Harvest Market in Fort Bragg California does have a very good selection of healthy natural personal care items. Now, of course, this doesn’t mean that the products don’t smell. Why, yes, some natural scents can just give me a whopper headache, and I do wish more of them would just use a food grade vanilla oil if they had to, but here goes.

I had been looking at Giovani’s line but so far had not been able to buy a bottle. But next to that on the shelf was ShiKai’s Intensive Repair Treatment. I opened the cap and was not over powered by smell. Could it be that I found something in the natural isle? I looked at the ingredients and noted that the list did not fill up the back of the tube, always a good sign for sensitive curls girls. So I bought it.

I used it as a deep treatment following the directions, then added my regular conditioner of the moment as an after rinse. After playing with duck clips and trying to tame the curls into real curls I let it dry natural. I was pretty impressed and will try it a few more times over the weeks and see what can happen. It did look great for a few hours, but the humidity was insane and it is hard to get second day curl with this humidity.


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