This weeks adventure in curl experiments

I think I have over loaded myself with product trials, but I really need to find the right mix of products. My allergies are up, or I hope it’s that and not getting sick. This weekend I have planned to do more research, about my hair the sponge that it is this week.

I feel the need to wander the isles at the local pharmacy, see what’s out there again. I spent my brief trip last week looking in Ulta and Peninsula Beauty Supply at hair care. Pacing the isles, hoping for a miracle that I could be like normal hair people, well those that don’t have sensitivities to smell and chemicals. I kept coming back to L’Anza because I can tolerate some of their products. Sadly, with my hair aging and getting more moisture-less, sometimes the hair care you can tolerate really just doesn’t cut it after a month or two, you gotta find a different one.

So, looking at the isles in my weekly jaunt, we’ll see what happened.


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