April 26, 2012

Been a Long Time…

Sorry to have left you all hanging there. I have been working a lot, had to make a big decision about closing my business, and generally feeling like I am getting older.

And with that, I have been working on a hair regimen of Jessicurl products, alternating with ProDesign products for my hair for the last 3 months. MY hair colorist has been getting me to a slightly lighter red tone, and I think after two years we may have hit the right color. MY partner still groans about too many hair care experiments, products and such.

One thing that did happen lately was dealing with a health issue, being just this side of 50, the Gall Bladder decided to make life miserable. I spent nearly 2 months dealing with a mystery ailment, and having vampires take blood for testing. I now know that I am really healthy accept for my liver being enlarged due to the Gall Bladder needing removal.

During this experimental phase by the medical community to find out why I was in such pain when I was otherwise healthy, I went to my colorist and said, ” I am so depressed with this, can we do my hair to hide the grays. Surprise, due to the stress levels and the sudden shock of pain, hospital, and pain meds, apparently my hair had a change at the roots. This really shouldn’t surprise me, I was in shock and well, your nails and hair do tell you about your health. BUt it made my hair just go nuts with super brightness so I had serious demarcation. Luckily Amy fixed it a few weeks back and it’s much better now. It really is try that you have the health of your body reflected in the extremities.

Now I need to embark upon the getting of the skin to look healthy! Makeup for older skin! And dressing like a Business Tech teacher, all when I have to have a very expensive operation! Of course, it would not be happening without Obama Care paving the way for a People with Previous Conditions Insurance Plan. For the first time in 10 years, I have some real insurance.

April 25, 2011

This Months Experiments

Amazing, I was able to pick up products by Beautiful Curls at Wholefoods Market in Santa Rosa.  I had seen them advertised at NaturallyCurly.com, but, as you know, anything with scent in it can be scary. So I stood with a lovely African American woman and we chatted about curls, dry-ness, and product frustration. She had used the product before and I asked her what she liked.” It makes my hair soft!” but I don’t see the leave in. We discussed packaging, I hinted they may have changed the bottle, smell it. Ah, the marketing cruelties of the world.

I looked at the ingredients. I had read that Alaffia made the product, it was associated with the collective in Africa, and dealt in fair trade. So, socially conscience wise, it’s attractive. Of course, natural fragrances can still get you with the allergies, and dermatitis is not exclusive to man made products. But I read that it was Mango Oil, and thought, well, I love mangos. I am not allergic to them, I eat them. So, I tried it. Not bad, the price was actually a great bargain, at around $11.99 for 10 to 12 oz, when other products sometimes were running higher.

Also, it was good to try some product I would consider designed for kinkier hair than mine currently is. When I was young, I had some really kinky hair, before all the damage. I would also like to encourage those that are Caucasian with curls, don’t fear trying something that a pacific islander or person of African heritage would use. Just lighten it up a bit, and if you tolerate whatever smell is involved and it doesn’t give you an allergic reaction, it doesn’t matter what the marketing says, pay attention to the raves of others and the ingredients.

My overall use, I have tried the Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner and I like the shine. I didn’t have too much frizzing. I am interested in trying the gel as I am trying to get away from the Fructis line of products, but their soft gel gives me the light hold I like. Sigh. I did notice if you buy from the website you can buy the whole line with a bit of a discount. I tried the Curl Activating Conditioner and since it was thicker, thought it might help with the ends. One my side bits dried, the frizzy baby side sections, it was a more defined frizz I guess. I think I did better with the Curl Inhancing products.

Overall, if you are able to buy from a store, it’s good because well, sometimes the mail just doesn’t get it to you in time when you are running out.

April 9, 2011

Yeah, Out Of The Sickness Gloom

There’s nothing like being sick for 3 weeks and just wanting to wash your hair because it feels so grungy. I mean, bed head is indeed it’s worse when you are sick. You toss and turn and make a really bad rats nest.

My new found testing with the Jessicurl products has done wonders to my hair. I now have a three part rotation that seems to be working better for me and now if I can get the roots touched up again soon, maybe I can have a day out after ding for weeks with this evil sickness.

So, my latest trials were with the Jessicurl Deep Conditioner. I got home last night after a hard week of trying to make it through and being ill. I just said, get in the shower, and condition your hair! I woke up this morning with some serious springing curls. Of course, it was windy.

So, I say this was well worth it, and the pricing is better than some of the things I have gotten from L’Anza. I still have their color series products but use them that first week.

March 28, 2011

Survived the Hotel Water

So, I took the ShiKai and the extra strength condi with me and survived the hotels very treated water. But I will be glad to get it washed out and clean without any of the treated water residue.

The hotel stole my towel. I brought a micro fiber towel and they took it. Argh. I made them give me money back on my bill. Grrr.

The colors fading a bit. Makes me get really depressed.

March 24, 2011


It’s really raining here in Cali. And yes, my hair is showing it. I may have to get a row boat.

Traveling out of town and have to stay in a Hotel. I have stayed there before and well, the water is incredibly treated. Yes, you can smell it from the tap. So I am bringing all the deep conditioning goodies I have and I know I will have to mix a cocktail

March 23, 2011

Wow, CNN Just Caught This?

So, many of us who have curly hair have sadly throught to fit in and straighten our hair, or calm it down to do regular curls. Many of us have been reading about the Keratin treatments and heat straightening treatments for over a year now, but I guess if CNN finally caught the story, many more people may change their ways.

Now, the big question/s, can you use Keratin treatments for hair without heat and get benefit, not formaldehyde? Does it still release without heat, or even smaller amounts of heat from a  blow drier alone. Or is the formaldehyde additive only used in the blow out products?

New Health Hazard at Salons and Spas

March 21, 2011

Older Hair

So, I got the news that I am heading for Peri-Pause, or really, I am in it. I wondered how much effect this has had on my hair. I certainly can see it in my skin. So, along with treaing your hair better, what else can you do with the aging process?

Vitamins? Can they help? I know that gelatin is supposed to help hair and nails. Yahoo, I love Jello! But what about supplements?

B Vitamins


Vitamin E




Well, I know I have tried some supplements in the past, and had reactions to them. It even triggers my migraine sometimes when I have a multi. I have found recently that I seem to do better taking a multi gummy and every other day, then I don’t get weird reactions. Hate being so sensitive to everything.

What do you think? Have any of you tried a vitamin regimen to help with your hair and skin? Tell me your results.

March 21, 2011

Check Out This Site

Site Review: Anita Grant

I stumbled upon this site while trolling for sensitive skin products. Whiles I really am looking at the butters for hair, it was still informative going through the site. This is why I said, “Okay, I will try a sample of the Au Natural, just product “.

I read through the ingredients pages, and yes they put mine to shame, but it is a work in progress. It’s an all natural product line and small business, so I had to support it. It’s UK based, they ship to the US and Canada, so I thought, well, I will try this.

What I liked about the website was it was very clean and clear, not too busy. I work in technology and teach, and some web pages can just drive you nuts. This one was easy to read and I felt I could find out about the products pretty easily, and I wanted to read the whole site. There are several flavors in the products, and they are all natural. I felt like the business owner, Anita, had been asking some of the same questions I had about ingredients. What am I putting on my skin and hair? I also liked that the site didn’t preach, or do the ” But it’s natural, it won’t cause sensitivities.” Quite the opposite, the site discusses many natural ingredients and their possible site effects for people with allergies, pregnancy, conditions. Kudos Anita!

I will let you know how the hair butter goes. Hmmm, I love butters.

Still humid and crazy here on the coast. The rain has stopped. My aching  bones. Hate just this side of 50.

March 21, 2011

This Weekends Testing Great Results

Too Shea!

Tested some of the Jessicurl product line this weekend. I ordered a no fragrance added of the conditioning trio to test which worked for me. The Aloeba daily conditioner was too lite of a conditioner for me. It didn’t really help much with my hair. The dryness needed more help. I next tried the To Shea conditioner and had much better results.

I felt like the slip factor was there and I was able to use my fingers to detangle without snagging. That to me is a plus sign. The fragrance was just product fragrance, not to overwhelming, barely detectable. Just how I like it. I think this is a good one to get in the rotation, and yes, the curls happened! Now, if it would just stop raining for a few days. I definitely want to try some of the creamy shampoo product.

Ratings are Keeper, Would Rotate in

Spiral Solution’s Deeply Decadent Hair Treatment

Spiral Solution’s Deeply Decadent Hair Treatment was what I tried on Friday night. I had ordered an unscented trial size from the Etsy store. It takes a little extra effort to order if you want it unscented, you need to email and contact through the Etsy site as it is made in small batches. I had had a week, and coming down with my evil sickness. I looked at the jar, opened it and played with the consistency of the product. It was like whipped mayonnaise. Hey, I like whipped mayonnaise products when they go on, it feels good. Used a little more than I thought i would and definitely a once a week or so type conditioner. I would even say that using it as a heat treatment would be FABU.

Ratings are Keeper, Would Rotate in

March 18, 2011

This Weekend’s Testing

Well, because I am so crazy and all that, I will be testing the Jessicurl unscented products I just got in the mail. I hope I can find one or two that work. I also got one product from Spiral Solutions hair care. They have one product that can be unscented so I ordered trial size and will see what  happens.

The stress of getting through what is considered online finals for my classes has my skin breaking out, so we will see how these hair products fair with the stress I am putting my body through. Oh, did I mention the getting sick part. After managing to avoid sickness and working with crazy teens all day at the school, I haven’t gotten ill until now. So, just watch this happen:

The curls will come out very perfect, but I will be too sick to go anywhere!!!! My face will be splotchy and irritated, can’t where makeup. But the hair will be FABU. Or I will get all kinds on dermatitis issues and just want to play ostrich.

Oh, and it’s raining. Foof.